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Cobham Explorer 700 BGAN


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Product Information

Some of the fastest data speeds available via BGAN, the EXPLORER 700 has been the flagship BGAN satellite terminal for good reason: robust and versatile, it’s ideal for supporting teams in the field, high-quality video and audio streaming, large-file transfers and high-performance applications.


Best in class

The EXPLORER 700 provides some of the highest bandwidth available for a BGAN terminal, with download and upload speeds up to 492 Kbps. Combined with its extremely tough, detachable antenna, a powerful WiFi hotspot capability, and the BGAN X-stream™ on-demand service, the EXPLORER 700 is the top of the line for portable BGAN terminals.

Support your team anywhere

The EXPLORER 700 has a range of functions and a rugged design that make it indispensable for professionals who need ultra-reliable connectivity and serious bandwidth wherever they go. The 700 is a Class 1 BGAN, delivering data at 492 Kbps, both up and down, with a full compliment of functions able to fit your specific needs. This makes the EXPLORER 700 the go-to terminal for media professionals, medical personnel, or any traveler who needs high quality video streaming or other data-intensive applications. With 2 Ethernet ports, 2 ISDN Ports, Phone, Fax, and USB connectors, the EXPLORER 700 is like a portable office. And its powerful WiFi hotspot function supports multiple users at once, with a range of 100 meters (328 ft). This means laptops, tablets and smartphones can connect quickly and easily, making your team effective and ready in no time. This is important when you need to quickly get on the scene and connect.

The EXPLORER 700’s detachable antenna makes it flexible and tough enough to support you or your team wherever you go. When conditions get really extreme, you can detach the antenna, and using the 10 meter (38ft) cable included, set-it up wherever you need to. With a rating of IP66, the EXPLORER 700’s rugged antenna has the highest rating there is against particles and dust, and can resist powerful jets of water from every direction, operating even in the most extreme wet weather.

The Choice for Professionals

With bandwidth high enough to support high-quality streaming video, and its portable design, the EXPLORER 700 has been the smart solution for professionals in a wide range of industries and sectors. Streaming IP at 32, 64, 128, 176 and 256 Kbps, the 700 gives every-type of user a range of streaming options. But the EXPLORER 700 goes even further; with the BGAN X-Stream™ on-demand video service, the EXPLORER 700 can deliver 450 Kbps, giving journalists, government and medical teams high-quality video and audio whenever they need it. This makes the EXPLORER 700 the BGAN terminal of choice for professionals around the globe who need top-quality video on-the-go, ready in minutes, and reliable even in extreme weather conditions.


  • Class 1 BGAN – delivering some of the fastest data speeds available via BGAN: 492 Kbps
  • Powerful Wi-Fi hotspot able to support multiple users: 100 m (328 ft) radius
  • WiFi hotspot compatible with laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Works with RJ-11 phone jack for standard analog phones (corded or cordless)
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Streaming IP video: 32, 64, 128, 176 and 256 Kbps and BGAN X-Stream™ up to 450 Kbps for broadcast quality live video
  • Two ethernet ports (RJ-45), two ISDN ports (RJ-45), phone (RJ-11), fax (RJ-11), USB
  • Detachable, rugged antenna (ingress rating: IP66) allows use in extreme conditions
  • BGAN service plan include usage based or pre-paid internet service
  • Supports approved Group 3 fax machines, and ISDN (64 Kbps) capable devices
  • LCD backlit display for night friendly operation; 4 button controls and advanced menu options
  • Easy to set-up, easy to operate
  • Simple, intuitive browser interface screens for advanced controls
  • Lithium Ion battery with 36 hour battery life - (idle mode)


Key Highlight:
Multi-user device with extensive functionality
399 x 297 mm (3.2 kgs)
Standard IP:
Up to 492 Kbps (send and receive)
Streaming IP (send and receive):
32, 64, 128, 176, 256 Kbps, BGAN X-Stream™ (384 to 450 Kbps)
Via RJ-11 (x2), Bluetooth handset or 3.1 kHz audio / fax
64 Kbps via RJ-45
Other data Interfaces:
2 x Ethernet, USB, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g, Digital I/O, Bluetooth
Ingress protection:
IP 52 (terminal) IP 66 (antenna)
Terminal Capability:
Internet, Email, Phone, VoIP, FTP, FoIP (Fax), SMS Text, Video Streaming
Internet Connection Speed:
Class 1 BGAN: 492 Kbps down x 492 Kbps up with standard IP connection
BGAN Rx/Tx Frequencies:
L-band, Rx @ 1525.0-1559.0 MHz, Tx @ 1626.5-1660.5
+20 dBW Maximum Radiated Power
Wireless LAN:
802.11 a/b/g up to 54 Mbps 100 meter (328 ft) radius
Antenna/Transceiver Split Cable:
Includes one 0.4 meter cable, and one 10 meter cable. (longer cable lengths available).
Two ethernet ports (RJ45), one phone port (RJ11), one fax port (RJ11), two ISDN ports (RJ45 64 Kbps, one USB
Other Ports:
Power & Charge Port (10-32 VDC)
Output DC Port:
6.2 VDC 350 mA (created for charging a Bluetooth phone)
Phone Features:
Call forwarding, call waiting, call holding, call barring, call transfer.
Streaming Services 1:1CIR:
32 Kbps, 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 176 Kbps , 256 Kbps, and 450 Kbps BGAN X-Stream™
V 1.2, 100 meter radius, support for cordless handset, headset, and serial port.
Transceiver/antenna Dimensions:
12.1" x 16" x 2" (297 x 339 x 51 mm)
7 lbs (3.2 kgs)
Onboard Battery Life:
36 hours on standby, 2.5 hours continuous transmitting/streaming @ 144 Kbps
10 to 32 volts DC (15 volts standard), 110 to 240 volts AC
Power Usage:
Standby = 1.2 watts (typical), Transmit = 18 Watts, Charging 60 Watts max
95% RH at +40° C (+104° F)
Operating Temperatures:
With battery: 0˚ C to +55˚ C (+32° F to +131° F); without battery: -13 °F to +131°F (-25˚ C to +55˚ C)
Battery Charging Temperature:
+32° F to +113°F (0˚ C to 45˚ C)
Battery Storage Times:
1 year at 68° F (or less), 3 months at 113° F, 1 month at 140° F
Battery recharge time:
2.5 hours
Antenna Rain/Water/Dust:
0.5 m (1.64 ft) drop onto concrete: 95% survival
Transceiver Rain / Water / Dust:
IP52 Compliant
0.5 m/1.64 ft drop on concrete with 95% survival

What's Included

  • Explorer 700 Transceiver
  • Explorer 700 Antenna
  • Battery Pack
  • Instruction Kit
  • AC/DC Power Pack
  • Antenna Cable (41.5 cm and 10 m)
  • USB Cable
  • Ethernet cable


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