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Cobham Explorer 500 BGAN


Product Information

Powerful enough for a small team, portable enough for an individual: EXPLORER 500 balances both, making it the most widely deployed BGAN terminal on the globe.



Powerful and Portable

Delivering broadband speeds up to 464 Kbps and weighing just 1.4kg, the EXPLORER 500 sets the standard for portable satellite terminals around the world. This is the BGAN terminal that gets the job done for the widest range of satellite users, striking the right balance between stepped-up power and lightweight design. It’s perfect for the individual who needs reliable broadband internet speeds that are fast enough for audio and video streaming, as well as other critical applications. But it’s also perfect for the small team who needs their satellite connection to support a wide range of functions, including the capability to deliver high-quality voice and broadband access simultaneously. The EXPLORER 500 is the terminal that can do it all. It’s as compact and lightweight as a laptop computer, ready to be stowed and carried in a knapsack or briefcase, and deployed quickly and easily. The EXPLORER’s robust construction and resistance to harsh conditions make it the most practical satellite terminal for the widest range of users on the globe. EXPLORER 500 is the terminal that gets it done.

Used by Professionals Everywhere

Versatility and durability are key to the EXPLORER 500’s wide use around the world: with robust voice capability, data speeds of up to 464 Kbps for standard IP, streaming IP at 32, 64 and 128 Kbps, a built-in Bluetooth connection, an RJ-11 phone jack, a mini-USB interface, an RJ-45 LAN connection, email, 160 character SMS testing, voicemail and fax capabilities, the EXPLORER 500 meets almost any operational need you or your team might have. And don’t forget; this is a Cobham satellite terminal designed for the INMARSAT system of satellites, so it’s rugged and dependable enough for the most demanding users. Whether its disaster relief, scientific exploration, military or business applications, you will find the EXPLORER 500 delivering critical communication services around the world for the people who need it most. And because its simple to set-up and easy to transport, it’s been deployed everywhere; from tropical climates to frozen glaciers, and everything in-between. Its got an ingress rating of IP54, making it resistant to dust and water splashed from every direction, and its tough construction makes it able to withstand a 0.5m (1.64ft) fall onto concrete with a survival rating of 95%. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to +131°F), and it can be stored (excluding battery) in temperatures of -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F).

The Smart, Practical Choice

If you’re planning for yourself or for a team facing a range of different scenarios, or a potentially wide-set of communication needs, then the EXPLORER 500 may be the best solution out there. It’s proven itself time and again for individuals and small teams in every situation imaginable, with its practical combination of power, portability and durability. And with BGAN airtime pricing lower than standard cellular roaming, and fixed pricing also available, you can manage your costs up-front, and stay within even the tightest budget. EXPLORER 500 is the practical choice for a wider range of satellite users than any other portable BGAN terminal available.


  • Compact design fits in a laptop case: 217mm x 217mm x 52mm (8.5in x 8.5in x 2 in).
  • Lightweight: just 1.5 kgs (3.3lbs)
  • Delivers high speed broadband internet: 464 Kbps down & 448 Kbps up
  • Streaming IP: 32, 64 and 128 Kbps
  • Operates in extreme conditions: -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to +131°F)
  • Resists dust and water splashes: IP54 ingress rating
  • Internet, Email, 160 character SMS Texting, Voicemail, Fax
  • Easy to set-up, easy to operate
  • Works with RJ-11 phone jack for standard analog phones (corded or cordless)
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Lithium Ion battery with 36 hour battery life - (idle mode)
  • Standard BGAN service plans: usage based or pre-paid internet service
  • LCD backlit display for night friendly operation; 4 button controls and advanced menu options
  • Simple, intuitive browser interface screens for advanced controls
  • One button no-laptop auto-connect auto-activate configurations


Key Highlight:
High bandwidth, highly portable device
217 x 218mm (1.4kgs)
Standard IP:
Up to 448 / 464kbps (send / receive)
Streaming IP (send & receive):
32, 64, 128kbps
Via RJ-11 or Bluetooth handset or 3.1kHz audio / fax
Power & Charge Port (15 volts input)
Other data interfaces:
Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth
Ingress protection:
IP 54
Terminal Capability:
Internet, Email, Phone, VoIP, FTP, FoIP (Fax), SMS Text, Video Streaming
Internet Connection Speed:
Class 2 BGAN - 464 Kbps down x 448 Kbps up with standard IP connection
BGAN Rx/Tx Frequencies:
L-band, Rx @ 1525.0-1559.0 MHz, Tx @ 1626.5-1660.5
+15.1 dBW Max Radiated Power
Wireless LAN:
Not available
Ethernet (RJ45) , Phone (RJ11), USB (supports UDI ISDN)
Other Ports:
Power & Charge Port (15 volts input)
Phone Features:
Call forwarding, call barring, call waiting, call holding, call transfer
Streaming Services 1:1CIR:
32Kbps, 64Kbps, 128 Kbps
V 1.2, 25 Meter radius, Support for Cordless handset, headset, and serial port.
8.5" x 8.5" x 2.0" (217 x 217 x 52 mm)
3.3 lbs (1.5 kgs)
Onboard Battery Life:
36 hours on standby, 1.5 hours continuous transmitting/streaming @ 144 Kbps
10 to 16 volts DC (15 volts standard), 110 to 240 volts AC
Power Usage:
Standby = 0.8 watts (typical), Transmit = 14 Watts, Charging 38 Watts max
95% RH at +40°C (+104F)
Operating Temperatures:
+32° F to +131° F (0˚ C to +55˚ C) operating w/battery, or -25˚ C to +55˚ C without battery.
Battery Charging Temperature:
+32° F to +113°F (0˚ C to 45˚ C)
Battery Storage Times:
1 year @ 68° F (or less), 3 months at 113° F , 1 month @ 140°
1 year @ 68° F (or less), 3 months at 113° F , 1 month @ 140°:
less than 3 hours
Rain / Water / Dust:
IP54 Compliant dust and spray protection from any direction
0.5 m/1.64 ft drop on concrete with 95% survival

What's Included

  • Explorer 500
  • Battery Pack
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Instruction Kit


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