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BGAN Solutions

Professional on-the-spot communication

All you need to achieve all the benefits of BGAN is a terminal that knows its way around and is able to utilize the power of the network – and this is where the EXPLORER terminal comes in. With an EXPLORER on BGAN you are guaranteed world-class satellite communication and work comfort. In fact, BGAN offers the fastest available data rates with a coverage greatly surpassing that of even the leading cellular networks. Additionally, BGAN airtime prices are often lower than those of standard cellular roaming. BGAN is more than the others for less.



...And you are on the air!

Getting live news reports from the world’s hotspots to the viewers as events unfold, has always been mission critical for broadcasters large and small.

Mobile Office

Bring your office anywhere

We give reliability and user friendliness the utmost priority through our cutting edge BGAN satellite service.


Transforming first responder communications

BGAN provides communications operability from the first moment of a disaster response, even when terrestrial networks are disrupted.


Enhancing operational advantage

With BGAN service, you can set up a broadband mobile office wherever you are deployed. Military and government personnel will welcome the superior performance

Oil and Gas

Improving decision-making and asset management

BGAN enables you to set up a remote, temporary office while exploring new fields and wells or constructing drilling platforms.


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