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BGAN Broadcasting & Surveillance

BGAN network services enable broadband communications for remote office functions and they can also be utilized to establish audio/video conferencing with the head office as well as providing dedicated streaming services, which can be used by broadcasters for high QoS streaming of live video with dedicated bandwidth, in remote areas where traditional cellular service may be unreliable or non-existent.


Streaming applications

  • Broadcasting with Encoder/De-coder based solutions
  • Audio/Video broadcasting at remote locations
  • Store/Forward options
  • 2-way capable video conferencing (Hardware or Software based) typically from/to remote site and fixed office
  • Surveillance applications for one-way remote IP, JPEG or video, motion activated or live video access

IMPORTANT: BGAN network service availability is often terminal dependent. For optimal QoS please be sure to select the appropriate BGAN terminal for your throughput needs.


Introducing broadcasting solutions

BGAN utilizes standard Internet Protocol (IP) with streaming provides a compelling proposition to amateur & professional broadcasters alike due to the weight, dimensions and the general compact form factor of the BGAN terminals. With on-demand streaming IP available from a portable terminal, often no bigger than a standard laptop, your BGAN service is capable of delivering high quality, live video from the most remote locations on the planet to the safe and convenient confines of your studio.

Primary transmission options include:

  • Broadcasting live from the field, using X-Stream service with data rates between 384 and 450kb.
  • Store-and-forward audio/video, using standard or streaming IP as well as ISDN.


Terminals & IP/X-/Streaming Capabilities

BGAN terminal throughput minimums and maximums are often a function of the respecting terminal which is assigned a 'Class'. Terminals defined as 'Class 1', like the Hughes 9201and 9202 as well as the Cobham Explorer 700 have larger antennae areas and consequently offer faster throughput speeds for streaming. The 9202 and 700 are the only portable (non-vehicle) terminals that offer X-Stream broadcasting speeds. 'Class 3', terminals include the AdValue Wideye Sabre and the Cobham Explorer 300. Below are the available streaming speeds for each terminal.


Satellite BGAN Streaming – not by default

As a method of protecting customers from accidentally receiving very large service invoices, streaming is, by default, NOT provisioned automatically on any prepaid or postpaid plans. The streaming option will be visible through Launchpad but not selectable. This is to protect subscribers. Streaming service, which is billed in 1-minute increments, is available to activate by subscriber request at your convenience.


Satellite BGAN Routing when Streaming

Satellite BGAN Streaming services offer dedicated bandwidth over the satellite network however after data leaves the satellite network it is subject to the constraints and limitations of the ISP's that service the internet. In order to maintain or rather maximize throughput to the final destination, BGAN Satellite can create an MPLS, similar to a VPN, to create a temporary intranet for your broadband communications. Alternatively a 2nd BGAN terminal can be setup at the receiving destination. These options tend to be 'overkill' and for the added expense do not often provide a superior connection particularly when the destination is North America or Europe. Consequently while other satellite providers may advertise these solutions as helpful hints they may not be worth the added expense.


Streaming IP - Constant Bit Rate (CBR)
To optimize your streaming experience we suggest, where your application permits, setting the output at a fixed bit rate when transmitting with your satellite BGAN streaming service. Given that you will select a predefined streaming speed of 32-256kbps it is only natural that a constant bit setting would maximize the respective throughput of the channel.


Standard IP - Variable Bit Rate (VBR)
Unlike constant bit rate, a variable bit rate, as its name implies, is best used for standard IP connectivity, when the network speed is not guaranteed as with streaming but dynamic so A/V transmissions can be adjusted based on network availability/traffic. VBR connections have additional error-detection capabilities to compensate for packet failure, by reducing the throughput speeds, typically due to a poor connection that may be hardware or network related.


Operational Guidelines for Streaming
Broadcasting suggestions with BGAN streaming service:

  • Terminal alignment
    • Terminal pointing ensure the terminal is face the appropriate direction to maximize signal strength Ensure line-of-site with the sky. Foliage is generally 'ok'.
  • Select the appropriate streaming IP speed to optimize the quality of your video transmission.
  • Examine and confirm the reliability of your connection for the highest QoS possible on your deliverable.
  • The Ethernet port will offer the optimum throughput for transmission.
    • Select UDP as your preferred protocol and prior to establishing the streaming connection packet retransmission should be enabled particularly for live broadcasts.
  • Close any applications on your computer that may require bandwidth which may ultimately impede a broadcast.
  • As with any solution its best to practice at home before you go into the field: a test is best.
  • PAL or NTSC camera formats work best with BGAN streaming.
  • A static IP address can be used to configure your decoder utilizing your BGAN terminal.
  • Inmarsat rand Satellite BGAN suggest avoiding VPN connections during live broadcasts due to the inherent bandwidth-baggage of Virtual Private Network applications.


Accessing Streaming through BGAN Launchpad

Streaming options over a BGAN Internet connection are an available option through the BGAN Launchpad application software on your laptop. Once the BGAN terminal acquires a satellite signal, click on the tab labeled 'Data', to display the following connection options: 'Connect Standard' (measured per Mb) or one of several 'Streaming' options (measured per min) which are available through the Launchpad application.

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