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BGAN Satellite M2M solutions offer unparalleled reach, visibility and control of assets at the most remote corners of the globe, in the most challenging environments from extreme desert heat to rain forest and arctic tundra, all form the confines and comfort of your home, office, and vehicle or wherever you have internet access. 

Service plans are available to cater to both low-bandwidth applications that can be measured in Kilobytes to data-intensive surveillance and high-volume telemetrics for utility grid metering that often require gigabytes sized solutions.

A 3G satellite network service provides full IP data connectivity that we configure, manage & troubleshoot with our management terminal software.  Utilizing the most advanced technology,  BGAN Satellite offers an array of hardware configurations to meet the most demanding an challenging M2M requirements.

Seamless worldwide coverage

BGAN Satellite provides worldwide M2M access excluding the extreme polar regions.

Performance and latency

IP data rates can reach 448kbps with latency as low as 800* milliseconds, provides near real-time visibility.

Simple Integration

Service and hardware is designed with simplicity in mind that does not require training or technicians to setup or maintain.

Resilient hardware

M2M hardware solutions offer a suite of encasements, many with heating/cooling options capable of withstanding the most extreme weather conditions for remote deployments.

BGAN reliability

With a life cycle that extends well past 2020 the Inmarsat ground/satellite offers unparalleled availability and reliability.

Downloadable upgrades

Firmware upgrades are provided at no charge eliminating the risk and expense associated with dispatching personnel to remote locations. 


Low-cost M2M terminals coupled with affordable, flexible tariffs that cater to the needs of your application create an unbeatable value.

M2M Applications

  • Asset tracking
  • Fixed site monitoring for remote surveillance, telemetry and tracking
  • Personnel tracking for Worker Safety, Law Enforcement and First Responders
  • Vehicle monitoring for surveillance, telemetry and tracking
  • Oil well head telemetry and monitoring
  • Track and crossing management for Rail freight and transport ministries
  • Road signs
  • Secure and encrypted ATM/PoS solution
  • Smart grid and metering for utilities and power stations
  • Weather event and environment monitoring for scientific studies, land management and farming  

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