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Fixed Site Internet Service

BGAN Link is a broadband data with up to 492 Kbps upload/download speeds for users who have a requirement for high volumes of standard IP data in one location. It provides companies working in a remote area for sustained periods of time with a data connection speed of up to half a megabit, suitable for standard office-type applications such as email, internet and intranet access, and VPN access to corporate networks.

BGAN Link requires a Thrane & Thrane Explorer 700 or HNS 9201 Class 1 BGAN Terminal



Reliable L-band service

Remote users are likely to be working in extreme environments, which can impact on satellite communications. But since BGAN Link is delivered over Inmarsat’s L-band network, according to a company spokesman, it can be relied on no matter how tough the weather conditions – with connectivity maintained in heavy rain, snow, ice and sand storms. It also has a reportedly high degree of pointing tolerance that will help retain a connection even when its direction has shifted slightly due to wind or seismic activity.

Reliable network

The global Inmarsat-4 satellites and ground network operates at a reported 99.9% availability, so business-critical applications can always be accessed. BGAN Link is available globally – with the exception of USA and Afghanistan – via Thrane & Thrane Explorer 700 and Hughes 9201 terminals.

Easy to set up and use

No technical expertise or training is needed to set up and use BGAN Link. All terminals are plug and play, with online connection in minutes. Accessed using robust terminals that are quick and easy to set up, with a broadband connection established within minutes.

Low power consumption

BGAN Link terminals have low power consumption. They run off the mains or batteries, which can be recharged easily using solar panels.

BGAN Link Plans

Three data packages – 5GB, 10GB and 15GB per month – are available, each at a fixed monthly price and for a minimum commitment of 12 months. The fixed price means end-users can control their communications budget.

Users can choose how to deal with usage over and above these amounts. Those that wish to exceed their monthly allowance are simply charged for the additional usage at the in-bundle per MB rate, or can have a free upgrade to the next data package.

Those users requiring total cost control can select an option that cumulatively monitors daily usage to ensure monthly allowance is not exceeded.



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