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BGAN is the world's first mobile communications service to deliver broadband data and voice, simultaneously,
through a single, truly portable device, anywhere on the internet
Nera WorldPro 1000 Thrane & Thrane ExplorerT 500
Hughes Network Systems Addvalue WideyeTM SabreTM1
You can set up a broadband mobile office in minutes - wherever you are on the planet. You can access your data applications at speeds up to half a megabit and make a phone call at the same time. 
As the largest global provider of Inmarsat services, and a leading global provider of an entire suite of advanced remote satellite communications services, SatelliteBGAN will provide a number of benefits.
Who it's for
Mobile users who need reliable broadband access when working in locations where the telecoms networks are poor or non-existent.
The key benefits
Global coverage
Simultaneous voice & broadband
Highly portable
Totally flexible
Industry solutions
Dutch boat heads field
Rio welcomes Volvo yachts after tough fourth leg.
Lifeline to migrant workers
Inmarsat link for Niger workers
BGAN debuts in Americas
Broadband offering goes on show in US and Brazil
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