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BGAN Internet & Phone

A portable mobile office

What is BGAN?

Total Broadband Freedom

BGAN is short for Broadband Global Area Network. BGAN network is comprised of three satellites owned by Inmarsat. There are no cellular dead-zones, or disaster service outages, making BGAN systems ideal for many professionals and industries. First responders, remote exploration, world travel, backup connectivity... The list is endless. Watch how easy it is to point the new Hughes 9202 and establish a high speed Internet connection. A standard phone may also plug into a BGAN to make or receive calls from anyone on the planet. Total Freedom.




A Mobile Office

Connect a Laptop, Smartphone or any wireless device

All BGAN terminals may be used for excellent voice calling. Two phone numbers (phone & fax) are issued to each BGAN Sim Card, and more than one Sim Card can be owned. BGAN voice calling is superior to handheld satellite phones because the antenna is much larger, and unlike satellite phones that connect with many moving satellites, BGAN connects to a single stationary satellite. Call drops are avoided, and call quality is amazingly good. BGAN terminals do not require an external power source for idle operation with an average of 36 hours per charged battery. These systems are field proven and have been invaluable communications tools to thousands of professionals and organizations worldwide.



Global Coverage & Service

BGAN coverage from Inmarsat is global. Any BGAN terminal will operate in any country within any of the three coverage areas above with any of Ground Control’s BGAN service plans. Also, any BGAN terminal may move to any location and connect with any of the satellites without need to reconfigure the system or need to purchase any different service plan (ideal for world travelers).

  • Global coverage
  • Secure
  • Totally flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable network
  • Simultaneous voice and data
  • Streaming IP and BGAN X-Stream

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